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More Missouri Lakes
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Name             Acres    Delorme Map      Location, MO          GPS Coord. 
Creve Coeur Lake       285              41 E6                            Maryland Heights       38.7188-90.4842
Lake Anne                                      49 G8                           Rocky Ridge                              
Lake Wanda Lee                             49 G8                           Rocky Ridge                              
Lake Ski                                         49 G8                           Rocky Ridge                             
Lake Arrowhead                             27 C8                            Haynesville                              
Lake Arrowhead                             48 A3                            Lonedell                                   
Lake Avalon                                    56 A5                            Bismarck                                  
Lake Contrary                                19 I9                             Kirshner                                
Lake Elsea                                      17 D7                            Green Grove                        
Lake Hollenbeck                             58 G4                           Cape Girardeau                    
Lake Kah-Tan-Da                            57 B10                          Silver Lake                            
Lake Lacawanna                             49 F6                            French Village                        
Lake Lafayette*    64            35 B6*                 Lake Lafayette*        38.9478-93.9726
Lake Lochaweeno                            38 C5                           Yucatan
Lake Lockloma                                 67 E6                           Poplar Bluff
Lake Lotawana*      470          34 B4*                 Lake Lotawana*        38.9247-94.2595
Lake Luna and City Lake*                34 F3*                          Harrisonville*
Lake McGinnes                                27 B8                            Lathrop
Lake Montowese         38                 40 I5                            High Ridge/Byrnes Mill  38.4397-90.5607
Lake Mykee*         36           38 E2*                 Lake Mykee*            38.6764-92.1005
Lake of the Ozarks                        45 C7                            Lake Ozark
Lake of the Woods*   41                 21 C8*                           Brimson*                      40.1081-93.7265
Lake Placid                                     44 A4                            Boylers Mill
Lake Serene              55                  40 I3                            Catawissa                 38.4134-90.7824
Lake Sherwood*(+4)   137               40 F2*                         Marthasville*                38.6696-90.9799
Lake Springfield                             62 A2                           Springfield
Lake Saint Louis      480         40 D3                  Lake St. Louis
    Lake Louise        79          40 D3                  Lake St. Louis
Lake Tacket                                    35 D8                            Warrensburg
Lake Tapawingo      89            34 A3                 Lake Tapawingo      39.0194-94.3108
Lake Tekawitha          15                  40 I4                            Catawissa                  38.6696-90.9799
Lake Thunderhead                           16 A4                            Unionville
Lake Tishomingo        120                48 B5                           Cedar Hill
Lake Village                                     31 C8                            Paris
Lake Waukomis                                26 G5                            Lake Waukomis
Lake Winnebago                              34 C3                            Greenwood                           
Odessa Reservoir    85                                                                                         38.9705-93.982


















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