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Cities, Villages, Towns and Communities

Shovel-ready Clean-Water Projects

** Many Designs are based on DNR Bathymetry Survey

**            ADRIAN,MO    50 and 14 Acres

              BARING, MO  78 Acres
BARRY IL Lagoons    
              BENTON CITY, MO  Small Lagoons
              BEVIER, MO, 5.5-Acre Lagoon  Lagoons    
BOWEN IL Lagoons
              BOWLING_GREEN, MO   27 Acres & 44 Acres
**            Breckenridge,MO  14 Acres
**            Brookfield City Lake   107 Acres
**            BUTLER, MO    75 Acres     

**            CAMERON, MO   86, 18 and 30-Acre Lakes
              Camp Point Illinois Lake and Lagoons
  8-3/4 Acre Lagoons &  7-Acre Lake
              CANTON, MO  Lagoons
              CARTHAGE IL Lake   Carthage IL Lagoons    
              CEDAR_HILLS,  MO  2.3 and 10.75-Acre Lakes
              CLARENCE, MO  Lagoons
**            CONCORDIA, MO  269 Acres
**            CREIGHTON, MO    12 Acres

**            DREXEL, MO   

              EAST POINT CITY, Georgia    12 Acre Municipal Reservoir
              EDINA,MO  58 Acres
              Eolia, MO Waters, Ponds, Lakes and Lagoons  

              FAIRFIELD, IA, Reservoir #2 and Treatment Plant Lake     30 Acres and 60 Acres         
              FARMINGTON, IA Little Indian Park Lake      45 Acres            
              FLORIDA NY  Complete New Design   Original design for limited aeration   Northern Cricket Frog 1     
Northern Cricket Frog 

**            Garden City MO  Old Lake,      New Lake   37 acres and 63 acres
              Gardner, KS   100+
**            Gallatin MO Daviess County
              Grandview MO
70,000 Gallons Raw Sewage in Lake Problem (2.73 Acres)

**            Hamilton MO    
              Higbee MO   19 and 15-Acre Lakes
**            Higginsville MO    
              Hannibal MO  Hannibal Proposed Airport Park, Pond Improvements      
Lake Hannibal Composite Engineering Estimate and Layout   Lake Hannibal Midge Fly Problem    13 Acres and 17 Acres  
              Holiday Lakes Near Odessa, MO  85 Acres and 13 Acres
Lake Lotawana, MO    500-600 Acres 
**            Holden MO     292 Acres
              HULL IL    Lagoons
              Hunnewell MO    Lagoons

**            Jamesport Lake, Davies County MO

**            King City MO
              Kinderhook IL    Lagoons

              LaBelle MO Lakes, Lagoons and Hog Operations around LaBelle        LaBelle City Lagoons    
              LADDONIA, MO  4-Acre Lagoons
              Lake Lafayette,     66 Acres
              Lake Lotawana    500-600 Acres 
              Lake Panorama Iowa    1400 Acres (So published)
Lake Hannibal Composite Engineering Estimate and Layout   Lake Hannibal Midge Fly Problem    13 Acres and 17 Acres
              Lake Saint Louis    480 to 510 Acres    Lake Louise    79 Acres
              LAKE TAPAWINGO   89 Acres
              Lake Winnebago    253 Acres
**            Lamar, MO    158 Acres
              La Plata, MO Lakes and Ponds in the neighborhood  26, 26, 1.2, 0.3, 0.8, 2.2, 4.5, 9.7, Plus Lagoons 

**            Macomb Illinois SPRING LAKE INDEX 236 Acres       
**            MARCELINE     160 Acres
**            Maysville Lake, Maysville South Lake, Maysville West Lake, DeKalb County  
              MENDON IL  ~10 Acres Wastewater Lagoon
**            MEMPHIS MO  38-Acre 235-Acre Reservoirs       
              Mexico, MO., City of Index 25 Acres and 3 Acres
**            Middle Fork,Stanberry MO         
**            MILAN, MO Index for Three Lakes    
         Moberly INDEX    Several Lakes     
**            Monroe City Index   20 Acre, 60 Acres, 100 Acres
              Mount Sterling, IL   25 Acres      
              Mount Vernon, IA Nature Park Lake   3 Acres

              New Canton IL Wastewater Lagoon Aeration System Design    
              New London, MO Wastewater Lagoons    
              New York City, Central Park    

              Odessa, MO    85 Acres
              Ottumwa, IA    53 Acres        
              OnandagaLake (Syracuse) 

              PALMYRA SLUDGE TANK   
              PAYSON, IL        
              PERRY IL City Lagoons        
              Perry, MO Perry City Lake  18 Acres + 3 Acres      Perry City Sewerage Lagoons  
              PETERSBURG Lake Recovery
190.7 ACRES  Recovery http://www.PetersburgILl.com/lakepburg/board.html 
              PLAINVILLE IL    Lagoons

              Quincy Bay and Drinking Water Intake 
                    Quincy Marina  15 Acres + 9 Acres

              Ridgeway MO    Rock House Lake Harrison County

              Salisbury MO Solutions to Lake, Pond, and Lagoon Problems   
**            Sedalia MO Springfork Lake, Pettis County    
**            Shelbina, Mo     48 Acres  
              Shelbyville,Mo    30 Acres 
**            Springfield MO   Lake McDaniel    
**            Springfield MO   Fellows Lake               
              Springfield IL    Lake Springfield  3550 Acres 

               TEMPE AZ   10-Acre Kiwanis Lake

**           UNIONVILLE, MO Thunderhead (1140 Acres) and Mahoney Lakes 
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Opportunity Lies in Restoration of the Lake's Health!

             Vandalia, MoWastewater NEW Lagoon Aeration Design at bottom of the page. 

               WARSAW IL Lagoons    Electric, Wind and Solar Selections.

             WAYLAND, MO.  

              WINNEBAGO, Lake POA  

             YORBA LINDA, CA    3.6 Acres, 3 Acres & 8 Acres


    BARRY Lagoons    Direct Oxygen Transfer with High Horsepower Aeration. [Brand X]   
    BOWEN Lagoons    Optional Proposed LaGooney™ Systems.  One is Solar Powered    
    Camp Point Illinois Lake and Lagoons
    CARTHAGE Lake   Carthage Lagoons    Direct Oxygen Transfer with High Horsepower Aeration.    
    HULL IL Lagoons    Proposed Two QR-8-8" Ceramic    
    KINDERHOOK IL Lagoons        Proposed LaGooney™ System  
    MENDON IL  ~10 Acres Wastewater Lagoon    
    New Canton IL Lagoons    Proposed LaGooney™ 3V12DDP and DR4DDP    
    PAYSON IL Lagoons Proposed DR, TR and Two QR LaGooney™ Systems    
    PERRY IL City Lagoons  4-Acre, 0.8-Acre and 0.2-Acre      
    PLAINVILLE IL Lagoons    Proposed LaGooney™ 3V12DDP and KR2 to 1-12" Ceramic    
    PETERSBURG Lake Recovery
190.7 ACRES    
    Springfield IL Lakebed Inversion System    Multiple Inversion Systems for the entire lake    
    WARSAW Lagoons    LaGooney™ Systems and Optional Solaer® and Wind Driven Aeration Systems.    

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  SEE CITIES & VILLAGES and WATERSHED DISTRICTS where some of this money should be directed.

Cities and Villages

This is a link to an index of Bathymetric Surveys done by the MO DNR.
Normally there is a reason for spending the money on these surveys other than
merely finding out how much water there is.  For our purposes, it is very useful
information that we use to determine the location of air diffusers so they will create
the maximum amount of coverage for circulation with the least amount of time and
expense for the job that needs to be done.

Aeration Designs and Applications      Transform Missouri  

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