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State Veterans Cemetery
1479 County Road 1675
Jacksonville, MO 65260

February 24, 2006:  I enjoyed visiting with Jerry Quigley, Cemetery Director, and I learned more about this project.  It has characteristics we should point out.

They have introduced some grass carp that I encouraged Jerry to get rid of as soon as possible.  Grass Carp just keep getting bigger and hungrier.  Some of the so-called hybrids have a tendency to reproduce anyway.  Eventually they eat every last living plant in the lake.  Doing so destroys the habitat for fish and the balance of aquatic life is destroyed right along with it.  Probably not in this case because the lake is old and has a lot of muck in the bottom, but in newer lakes grass carp will start digging for something to eat and muddy up the lake.  We have many calls asking how to get rid of these nuisances.  All I can tell them is they've got problems.
The lake is used for irrigation and has a cement man-hole type pit for screening out the algae.  Regardless of the type of filtration system being used, the stratified elements of algae will eventually cause lots of trouble in irrigation systems just like the way it does for animal watering systems.  We have one farmer with this type of system.  On the advice of his plumber, we installed a windmill to do the aeration job and keep the stratified algae from continuously burning up the pump motor.  Other farmers have had great relief from having to filter their water to keep from fouling up their sprinkler systems and watering nipples.
The lake has a decorative fountain.  The same thing happens to fountains.  Lakebed aeration will prolong the life of fountains because there is no suspended algae to foul the pump.  Jerry also commented that the quality of the fountain left something to be desired and it has been sent in a couple of times.  We're betting it is not a Vertex brand fountain.

Budget this system for a fine improvement at our State Veterans Cemetery.

Veterans Cemetery, Jacksonville, MO   

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