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Edina Missouri 58-Acre Lake

For reference, the red line in the lake is 4000 feet long.

The top picture shows an array of "AirStations" with the location of four cabinets containing the air compressor systems that feed air to fine bubble diffusers that create 1 mm diameter bubbles.  As the tiny bubbles rise to the surface, they pull thousands of gallons of water with them, thus constantly turning lake over to accept oxygen from the atmosphere.  Dissolved oxygen in the bottom of the lake is the key ingredient to restoring the lake to health.  With the addition of natural enzymes and bacteria at the bottom, the lake will digest the muck away and become deeper and deeper until it again reaches a hard bottom.

Without knowing more about the lake, we are guessing at the turnover rate and will just guess at an average depth of twelve feet with the average AirStation at 16 feet.  This gives us a basis to start with our calculations.  The lake measures 58 acres, according to our measurements from the satellite photos on www.Cares.Missouri.Edu. At 12 feet average depth, the lake would have 696 acre-feet of water X 325,000 = 226 million gallons of water.  We would like to turn it over within a 24 hour time period, day in and day out through the entire year.  The equipment shown here is rated at circulating 105,600 gallons per minute from 16' deep; 88,896 from 12' deep; and 69,696 from 8' deep.
    As you can see, the deeper the AirStations are, the more water they are capable of circulating, and the more water there is to circulate (lift from the bottom to the top).  So, without going further into any scientific studies to qualify any numbers we are keeping it simple for this publication by using our guess.  It calculates that we will turn the entire lake (226,000,000 gallons) over every 2,542 minutes, or 42 hours.  That's not soon enough, but we are betting that with more realistic bottom geometry, the above equipment will Get'R Done within 24 hours; which is our goal.  If not we will tweak the estimated equipment upward to get closer to the 24-hour target.  What we are doing here is seeing if there is any interest in doing this project.  Here's the cost estimate as it is shown in the top photo, but our design here is subject to scrutinizing before a firm price quotation can be made:

Two Air 4XL Lake Inversion Systems                                        @ $3,005                    $12,020
Two Air 4XL VBS Lake Inversion Systems                                @ $2,740                   $   5,480
Two Remote Valve Boxes to go with VBS above                      @ $   262                   $     524
3,000 Feet of 5/8" I.D. Feeder Line to remote VB                      @ $ 1.10                    $  3,300
6,000 Feet of Self-Weighted Tubing to Air Stations                   @ $ 1.10                    $  6,600 
            Total Aeration Equipment                                                                                  $27,924  Plus Shipping and Handling.  We'll get that quoted when the time comes.

Do-It-Yourself or we'll do it for you @ $30/AirStation + 25 Cents per foot of tubing and feeder line.  This estimate adds up to $480 + $2,250 = $2,730.  See details on installation at the bottom of page XL Aerators.

Interested Parties should take this to their City Councilman, City Administrator, or Mayor, and call Gooneybird @ 866 754 2527 in Monroe City, MO. 
Some municipal lakes in Missouri are managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  We can't do it, but if your municipality initiates a request for the MDC to work with us on this project you might be able to get some help from them to speed this process up.  Sometimes they already have done a bathymetric survey to determine the amount of biological materials vs. soil and the hard bottom.  This type of information would be very helpful in Get'nR done.  We would feel honored to work with them and demonstrate the value of our lake inversion systems.  Dan
E-Mail: DanSpalding@GooneybirdsLLC.com

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