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Gooneybird hates to see this kind of thing happen.
Here are some of the problems with dredging I noted while reading this article.

A $75,000 state grant was needed to 'help pay' for the dredging.

Project raised an odor, thus spoiling the park and neighborhood.

Dead Fish and other aquatic creatures.

Muck buildup over the years reduced the depth of the lake.

The Parks and Recreation Department and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources possibly did not look into Lakebed Aeration.

The project does not include prevention of lake eutrophication in the future.

Here are some of the things I didn't find out in the article.

How much muck is in the bottom?  (How deep would the hard bottom be?)

Will it be possible to get rid of every last bit of the bio-muck?

What are the plans to prevent algae and pond weeds in the future? (More Chemicals?)

Where is the nasty muck going to, and will it wash away and contaminate another stream?

Here are some of the things Lakebed Aeration and Microbe Seeding could have done:

Cost a lot less, leaving money for better uses, such as a decorative Vertex fountain, park benches, flower gardens...and maybe some other stuff.

Digested the biological black muck out of the bottom, thus deepening the lake,

Eliminated the nutrients in the lake that feed the algae and pond weeds,

Oxygenated the entire water body year-round for a larger population of game fish,

Beautified without creating a mess

Lakebed Aeration and Microbe Seeding will still need to be done, and Gooneybird wants to help.

Le Claire Park Lake
Est. 2 Acres--fairly shallow


$ 2,570

Maximum Depth:  35 Feet

Two - 1/3 HP Dual Piston Compressors, 115 Volt
Four- AirStation™ Diffuser Assemblies
One- Vandal-Resistant QuietAir™ Aluminum Large Cabinet
One- Class A GFCI Breaker

One- 4-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief
One- Muffler/Filter Assembly
Two- 290 CFM Cooling Fans
One- 24" X 24" HDPE Mounting Pad
One- Pressure Gauge

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