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Little Indian Lake
45 Acres
Partial Aeration for 1/3 of Lake (15 Acres)
Concentrating on what we think is the beach area.

THINKING OUT LOUD.  Betty said the lake was 8 feet deep at the most.  That is a terrible situation that causes a need for more "footprints" of diffusers to get circulation.  Since there isn't a readily apparent supply of money to do the job, and since it will take more money per acre than a deeper lake would take, I am putting together a quote that can be dealt with according to how much money you have to spend.  I am really sticking my neck out on it doing a lot of good with the TR9 and about 10 acres of coverage, but I think it might do the beach area enough good to pass the fecal-coliform bacteria test.  It should definitely be supplemented with some Aquatron to help with the clarity of the water and eat up some of the suspended cooties.

Cheapest Option (Marginal Success)
This option will do the first row of four diffusers and the second row of five diffusers.
KEETON TR9 with 9 Diffusers                                            $ 4,695
3200 Feet Alpine Self-weighted 1/2" Tubing @ $1.25                    4,000
Shipping & Handling (Estimated TBD before order is placed)                 750
    Total (Prepaid, Shipped Direct)                                       $ 9,445
    (Out of state sale...No Sales Tax)

Optional Installation under separate agreement $1,070 + $100 mileage = $ 1,170

- - - - - -

Mid Option is a little bit more with the same amount of air compressors.
This option will do the first row of four diffusers, the second row of five diffusers and the 3 middle diffusers in the 3rd row.
KEETON TR12 with 12 Diffusers                                         $  5,195
4600 Feet Alpine Self-weighted 1/2" Tubing @ $1.25                     5,750
Shipping & Handling (Estimated TBD before order is placed)                1,000 
    Total (Prepaid, Shipped Direct)                                       $ 11,945
    (Out of state sale...No Sales Tax)

Optional Installation under separate agreement $1,510 + $100 mileage = $ 1,610

- - - - - -

Full 1/3 of Lake Option is 4 more diffusers and one more 1/3 HP compressor all housed in a larger cabinet (16 diffusers total).
This option will do all 16 diffusers shown in the initial design above.  With this level of aeration being approximately over 1/3 of the lake, it will have a great impact on the northeast corner of the lake, while digesting muck off the bottom...and the remainder of the lake water should become very healthy over a couple of years.  See more notes below regarding my thoughts on how the rest of the lake should be treated if there becomes more money to do it with.
KEETON QR4 without diffusers                                          $  4,855
Sixteen (16) Diffusers with individual valved outlets @ $165              2,640
6800 Feet Alpine Self-weighted 1/2" Tubing @ $1.15                     7,820
Shipping & Handling (Estimated TBD before order is placed)               1,600 
    Total (Prepaid, Shipped Direct)                                      $ 16,915
    (Out of state sale...No Sales Tax)

Optional Installation under separate agreement $2,080 + $100 mileage = $ 2,180

Notes:  Installation is to your electrical outlet on your pad at location shown.
            If I were to aerate the entire lake, I would somewhat spread out the diffusers shown above and put another similar system near the deep water on the southeast corner of the lake where I think the dam is.  The additional depth there will help a lot in the overall circulation because of the slope in the bottom.  Doing it that way would be more or less like adding another system like the one above.  I think that conservative approach would be adequate over a period of 2 or 3 years...and would cost in the $30,000 to $35,000-range.
             These systems will do the most good in the shortest period of time if we seed the lake with the right kind of bacteria and enzymes for the thing we want done the most.  If we are doing the little corner just for making the beach healthy, we would likely use the Aquatron.  If we are going for making the bottom deeper, we should seed the area we are treating with our Enzyme Concentrate in conjunction and Living Organisms.
            Also note that this equipment is exclusively from our Fisheries Experts, Keeton Industries (Keeton Aquatics, Colorado).  I chose this company's equipment primarily because of the single diffusers.  The Vertex Water Features system is normally more efficient with the use of the same amount of air used in deeper water.  I don't think would be right for this situation.  We also have Clean-Flo International...and we would quote their system only if you would fill out their detailed lake questionnaire on their website.

   If the customer would like for this to be quoted in some other fashion, I must charge $10 per acre for the quote as a deposit that would be refundable against your purchase.
    As a matter of fact...If you would like to send money for the information I have volunteered to date, I already have at least a full day of work in it.  Do whatever you think it right...but anything you would pay poor old Gooneybird would be refundable with your purchase.

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