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Marceline, Missouri
City Lakes

1. Marceline 160-Acre Drinking Water Reservoir

DR-8DP and 4100' Tubing
(2) QR4 to 12" Ceramics and 7900' Tubing
(1) QR5, 3 to 12" Ceramics and 2 to 8" Ceramics 4000' Tubing
(1) QR4 to 12" Ceramics 3200' Tubing
(1) QR8 to 8" Ceramics 5500' Tubing
(1) QR4 to 12' Ceramics 2800' Tubing

One (1) DR-8DP                                                                        $  3,775
Four (4) Standard QR4                                                               19,400
One (1) Special QR System with 1 double outlet                    4,880
One (1) QR8                                                                                   4,955
Fifty-one (51) 12" X 12" X 2" Microporous Ceramic Dif        16,800
Ten (1) 8" X 8" X 2.5" Microporous Ceramic Diffusers            2,700
27,500 Feet 5/8" Self-weighted tubing                                     41,250
Shipping (Estimate TBD B4 Order)                                            4,000
64 Acres of Microbe seeding--Enzymes (16 Cases)                  5,440
275 Pounds C-Flo Living Organisms                                         9,350
Installation to customer-provided electric station                   7,985
Installation of Microbes  two trips                                             1,000
Mileage (Free in 1st 100 miles from Monroe City)                         0
    Total (Assuming non-taxable)                                          $ 121,535  Customer provides all the electric.

*64 Acres needs microbes for sure. ~1 Gallon per acre of the vegetable-based enzymes and two seedings of 2 pounds/acre of C-Flo Living Organisms.


2.  Marceline 65-Acre Northeast Reservoir

3.  Walt Disney Lake, 18.5 Acres

Equipment Design and Cost for Lake #3, Walt Disney Lake

KEETON AQUATICS DR9 Cabinet with 2 Compressors and 8 outlets.

Keeton Aerators
DR-8DP:    $3,775.00 + S&H Quite Line™ Aerator, 9  CFM w/ (2) 1/3 HP Rocking Piston Compressors w/8 diffusers. 120V.
Vertex BottomLine Tubing

Two (2) DR-8DP QuietLine Aerator Systems each with 8 diffusers @ $3775         $ 7,550
Five Thousand Feet (5000') Vertex BottomLine Tubing (10-500' Reels@ $525)         5,250
Shipping & Handling    (Estimate to be determined before order)                        1,600
MO Tax (Letter of Non Profit Status)                                                          0
    TOTAL (Prepaid, Shipped Direct)                                                   $ 14,400

Optional Installation $ 1,730

Note: Average cost per acre for equipment is $778.  This is a little higher than average because we think this lake is relatively shallow.  Being shallow causes a need for more "footprints" of aerators and tubing in order to maintain a good even circulation of water on the bottom.  Maintaining a good dissolved oxygen level on the bottom will promote the aerobic bacteria to digest the nutrients.  If the lake has a problem with the salt that has supposedly been creeping into the lake over the years, this process will conveniently drop it out of suspension and it should cause no further trouble.  Depending on the severity of Muck in the bottom, it might be advisable to seed the lake with microbes.

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