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Take time to view items in the menu at left and learn how creating dissolved oxygen in the bottom of your pond or lake with aeration is an extremely important strategy for improving its health and that of its inhabitants WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS.

Willard Magee and Family
Bob & Annette Conrad Residence
34.7 Acres
 39.2986, -91.0000

    Mrs. Conrad said the Missouri DNR has chosen this as one of five lakes in the state to study for a particular reason, so we are very excited about the possibility of aerating this lake to show our stuff to the DNR and the Conservation Department.  The lake has a high amount of usage by geese and there are cattle in at least some of the pasture above it.  (I read somewhere that in terms of biologic oxygen demand on the pond, 30 geese equal 1 cow.)  That is were we can demonstrate our ability to reduce maintain a friendly ecology throughout the water body, and in particular, reduce the fecal coliform bacteria commonly caused by the cattle and waterfowl.  And, if we are not getting where we want to go, we'll know it sooner from the DNR's data and adjust accordingly.

   The information in the above photo was our quick assessment of how we might go about continuously inverting this body of water to raise the oxygen level all the way to the bottom throughout the lake.  I have never done one quite this way, so there is a little bit of "thinking out loud" in the dialogue here.  In this design we have chosen to utilize the handy combination of equipment from two of our suppliers.  The Aeration Centers will be the Keeton QuietLine Systems running to 12" X 12" X 2" Ceramic Microporous Diffusers in the deep water.  Each diffuser will use up all the capacity (4.4 CFM) of one 1/3 horsepower compressor.  There are six compressors and six diffusers.  They are connected by 5/8" self-weighted tubing, a very thick-walled flexible PVC tubing that lays on the bottom of the lake.  Here is the cost breakdown, but I can't nail down the exact shipping charges until we are ready to commit.  In the meantime I'll guess at the shipping and adjust accordingly later.

TR (Triple Compressor) Cabinet  Inside a KR (Single Compressor)

Note:  All prices are FOB Factory
Keeton Aerators
Two (2) TR-6 Quiet Line™ Aerators Without Diffusers:
    Each with (3 each) 1/3 HP Rocking Piston Compressors 120V,
    13.5  CFM but WITHOUT the 6 DuraPlate Diffusers
@ $3,235                    $  6,470
2,800' 5/8" Inside Diameter Alpine Self-Weighted Tubing
(Or Equivalent)  @ $1.50)        4,200
Six (6) 
12" X 12" X 2" Microporous Ceramic Diffusers & Check Valves @ $320                                   1,920
    Shipping from FOB Colorado (Estimate)                    
    Shipping from FOB Pennsylvania (Estimate)                                               150
            Subtotal                                                                     $ 13,940
Missouri Tax @7.725%                                                                     1,076.86
                TOTAL Prepaid (Shipped direct to customer)                          $ 15,016.86

Optional Installation to customer electric service at the lake.   $ 880 Paid after completion.

For farm equipment exemption on Missouri Sales Tax, we must have this form filled out and signed by you prior to the purchase.  http://www.dor.mo.gov/tax/business/sales/forms/149f.pdf

We recommend you install this system before the end of the year 2007.  After the lake has reached a comfortable 60ºF next spring, we should seed the lake with AEROBIC bacteria and enzymes to speed up the improvement in the lake ecology.  We will determine the best form of this bacteria after we learn more about the lake.  In the meantime you can study the following microbes that we'll likely choose from at these links.
WSR Bugs 

The above price is only $402 per acre, which is remarkable low.  The geometry of the lake and its depth lends itself to being easily aerated without the normal 1 DuraPlate diffuser per acre you would need in a shallow lake with extended branches.  I used information provided me by Clean-Flo on the performance of the 12" ceramic diffusers:
    In 20’ = 728,000/Hour = 12,133 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
   In 30’ = 1,340,000/Hour = 22,333 GPM
With that information, and Annette's estimate that the lake has depths of around 30 feet, I used 22,333 GPM for one diffuser and 12,133 GPM for the other five diffusers.  That is 119,517,122 GPD/325,828.8 = 367 Acre Feet of water/34.7 Acres = 10.5 Acre Feet of average depth over a 24-hour period of time.  So, we are might be a little too conservative.  Perhaps the DNR has a better estimate of the volume of water in the lake and how many "cows worth" of geese we have.  If I could get the name of your contact with the DNR, maybe I can find out.  I'm sure they will want to know what we a doing, so as to make their scientific comparisons more palatable.

Of Further Interest to Gooneybird's LLC is the 3.5-Acre Lake to the north of you, and even the small pond lying in between.
We would like to know who these belong to so they can take advantage of this opportunity at the same time.
The 3.5-acre lake is at:  CR1-Calumet3.5Acres@39.306-91.00023


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