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Lake of the Ozarks
This is the primary INDEX for Aeration Systems

Each outline is a "Mile Region" within which are "Areas" identified by numbers in order of preferred sequence of installation. Note the airport within the Mile 0-1 Region.

Mile 00-01-Index    Area 01    Area 02    Area 03    Area 04    Metro Air-Seaport        Jennings Branch Cove Sea Calmer  
Mile 01-02-Index    Area 01    Area 02    Area 03    Area 04     Randall Resort Breakwaters  
Mile 02-03-Index    
Mile 03-04-Index    
Mile 04-05-Index    
Mile 05-06-Index    
Mile 06-07-Index    
Mile 07-08-Index    
Mile 08-09-Index   
Area 01  Area 02   Area 03   Area 04   Area 10   Area 11   Area 12  Alhonna LaGooney Breakwater  
Mile 09-10-Index    
Mile 10-11-Index    
Mile 11-12-Index   
Area 01    Area 02    Area 03    Area 04    Area 05    Area 06    Area 07    Area 08    Area 09   
                            LaGooney Breakwater 1    LaGooney Breakwater 2    LaGooney Breakwater 3    LaGooney Breakwater 4    

Mile 12-13-Index    
Mile 13-14-Index    
Mile 14-15-Index    
Mile 15-16-Index    
Mile 16-17-Index    
Mile 17-18-Index    
Mile 18-19-Index    
AREA 1  AREA 2  AREA 3  AREA 4   AREA 5  AREA 6   LaGooney Breakwater 1  LaGooney Breakwater 2    
Mile 19-20-Index    
Mile 20-21-Index        
Mile 21-22-Index    
Mile 22-23-Index    Area 01        Area 02        Area 03        Area 04        Channel_Aeration_Mile_22-23        
Mile 23-24-Index    
Mile 24-25-Index    
Mile 25-26-Index    
Mile 26-27-Index     
Mile 27-28 Stop-Gap Aeration System        

Lake of The Ozarks Aquatic Highway    

Link to Lake Sun Online ~water quality  (This will take you away from Gooneybird's--don't get lost)

   A Circa 2006 conversation with Alan Sullivan led me to believe officials at Ameren UE decided they would attempt to "Enhance the Dissolved Oxygen" in the water released from the lake into the Osage River by means of "Hypolimnetic Aeration."   Instead, what's needed is a region near the dam similar to the "Stop-Gap" aeration system mentioned above.  We designed a "GooneyAirStrip™" near the dam that will eliminate any anaerobic conditions near the dam.  Or if there are sufficient GooneyBreakwaters™ or the Aquatic Highway there will be no need to do anything to eliminate the hypoxia of the river below.  There will already be a consistently high oxygen level at the dam from top to bottom.

Lake Ozarks Rules For Breakwaters        Phillip Brashers' Patent February 12, 1907        Breakwater Permitting


Resorts And Marinas        

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