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8/27/09  I learned from Chris Williamson at MDC--Hannibal office, that more grass carp are planned for the lake, and that they have in fact used some limited herbicides in one or two places in the lake.  That is exactly what we should be avoiding...and it lends some dignity to the practice of selective aeration.  That is sort of what I have shown here.  This is how I present the process to large homeowner associations having big lakes.  These associations have a regular income from their annual fees that are used for everything else such as road repair as well as chemicals and such for the lake.
    I encourage them to start at the upstream areas of each arm and work their way to the main body.  Each step they take slows down the degradation of the main body, while totally reversing the aging process of the area being directly treated.  That way of doing it seems to be the most acceptable to the community, but I have also seen remarkable results from starting on the deep end.  Tuley's Lake and Mexico Lakeview Lake are examples of undersize systems in the deep ends having a profound influence on the rest of their respective lakes.  At Mexico, they enjoyed these remarkable results the very next season, while the Tuley lake was slower about affecting the upper end.  Mexico is a 25-acre lake, and Tuley Lake is a 13-acre lake.  Both systems have Vertex Water Features AIR 2XL systems that I consider being good for about 5 to 7 acres under the right lake bathymetry.
    So, as I say to the Homeowner Associations, "So What if it takes a few years to get it all done.  The lake will be getting younger and younger with each phase of aeration!"  This is the way to avoid the chemicals and the grass carp.

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