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    You have my interest - not for our large lake as much as for our ponds. We have four ponds on our properties: 0.5acres w/ ave. depth of 2', 0.75acres w/ave. depth of 6', 1.5 acres w/ave. depth of 3' and 4.5 acres w/ave. depth of 6'). We have dug out the deeper ponds during the past two years, and hopefully will be digging out the shallower ones during the next two years. All of these are in "remote locations", that is to say there is not electricity near. I'd be interested in knowing your recommendation and a cost estimate for each. 
Charlie Beard 
Heritage Lake Property Owners Association

July 26, 2009
Charlie Beard,
    First we need to verify that I have identified the ponds and lakes correctly.  Click on the links for each of your descriptions to see if I have the right pond or lake.  My size estimates leave some doubt.
    I'm trying to think that each pond would be on its own, but I think you should keep a stock of our Lake Dye for the shallow ponds until they get deeper...maybe permanently.  Also, until you have the aeration systems in, you should use our Aquatron and Waste and Sludge Reducer on a regular basis until we establish aeration and our Living Organisms and Enzyme Concentrate combo that doesn't need regular application.  
    I have individual comments on the first four ponds and lakes, but the half-acre pond with only a 2-foot depth sounds like it simply needs to be eliminated or rebuilt--unless it has a hard-bottom at eight feet or so.
    My whole philosophy on aerating the large lake boils down to the fact that it takes several years for it to deteriorate, and it might take a few years for it to fully recover.  But instead of writing it off as an impossible task, it's more like eating an elephant; one bite at a time.  I don't know where to start on the elephant, but in the lake start at the upper ends and work your way to the deep water.

    Each location for electric service is determined by the practical distances the tubing should run.  Each of these areas are a bite.  Not only is that part of the lake now stable with 24/365 oxygenation, the fact that it is healthy contributes to the remainder of the lake becoming healthy.  If you take one or two bites each year, you are doing your job as the present-day tenant for the future generations who need the lake as an asset to their property rather than a liability.  The expenditures you've spent on permanent improvement equipment should be exponentially returned with the value of the property.

Enjoy...and let's get started,
Dan Spalding--Gooneybird

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