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AREA 1        AREA 2        AREA 3        AREA 4        AREA 5        AREA 6        AREA 7        AREA 8

AREA 1        AREA 2        AREA 3        AREA 4        AREA 5        AREA 6        AREA 7        AREA 8  

Each area's page shows the design and the price of the equipment and the microbes needed for that area.  The Standard Installation* fee is 25 Cents/Ft plus $30 per diffuser.  The mileage is to and from X $1.  In order to deal with contingencies such as prevailing wage, bonding etc. we state: 
*Standard Installation   
Mileage    xxx * 2 x $1                                                                                              
*If Bonding, Prevailing Wage, Insurance is required, double the price.  If customer provides the boat and labor with Gooney bird's supervision, divide the price by 2. 
**Plus Shipping, Local Fees, Taxes, Required Insurance/bonding and/or any unforeseen admin fees or other requirements.

Prices are subject to change at any time and subject to mistake correction.  Prices are also stated as the current advertised price.  Volume discounts may apply when the actual order is received.

Area 1      4
Area 2      8.5
Area 3    16
Area 4      8
Area 5    49
Area 6    18
Area 7    40
Area 8    36
Total    179.5 Acres  We lost some acres.  Obviously some of the guesses in the smaller areas were underestimated.  197 Acres stated by Petersburg website > 17.5 Acres Lost.  That will make up for some of the areas that seem like they have more than the average amount of aeration in them.  When I get rich I'll pay for the subscription on Google that lets me measure things correctly.

So What if it takes five or six years to get it all done.  The lake will be getting younger and younger with each phase of aeration!

Homeowner Associations                AREA 1

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