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Sandy Beach Lakes, 
12 Miles North of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

Lakes estimated at 120 Acres, 17 Acres and 18 Acres

Area 1        Area 2        Area 3        Area 4        Area 5        Area 6    

Area 7        Area 8        Area 9        Area 10        Area 11        Area 12    

Only areas priced out for now.

    Click on the area for the its Lake Inversion Equipment.  Each area has its own cost as if it were the only area that is being installed at the time.  Note that the mileage fee applies to all areas being done on a given order.  
Microbes will be needed probably for the first three years.  We should determine the type and amount when the time comes.  We have many to choose from depending on the exact needs.  
    These designs are using 2.2 CFM of air per 8" Ceramic Diffuser.  This is the middle of the road in some respects.  We can easily adjust for an even better system (or for a deeper lake) using the same amount of tubing by doubling the number of compressors.  An example would be going from a DR (2 compressors) to a QR (4 compressors) and changing the 8" Ceramics to 12" Ceramics that would need 3.6 CFM.  On the other side of the coin, we can use the more economical diffusers and at the same time, cut the number of compressors in half...which would be undersize, but maybe all the customer wants to buy.
    Regardless of the option settled on, what we have designed here is what we think is best...given the information we have.  Should there be a considerable difference in the actual depths or the actual influent of nutrients, these designs might need to be revised.

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