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Lake Status Report


Southfork Lake Homeowners Association

Columbia , MO   65203

 October 10, 2008

Executive Summary  

The Southfork Lake community derives a significant real estate value from the health of the centrally placed 14.2 acre body of water.  A healthy lake has an actual equity influence on property values; conversely, an unhealthy lake has the potential to drive down property values.

 Subjective observations of the lake over the past two years have suggested worsening bio-burden issues and suggestions of low oxygenation.  A recently completed scientific lake analysis by the licensed water testing company Applied Environmental Solutions (www.aesolutionsmo.com) has now confirmed these impressions.  In short, Southfork lake is suffering from very high levels of fecal coliform contamination and very low oxygen levels below the depth of nine feet.  See attached report.

 Specific recommendations were made by AE Solutions and these include: 1) The reduction of fecal contaminant sources; and 2) The installation of a top-to-bottom aeration system that allows for effective turnover of the entire lake.  A four-diffuser system will be required to create water column turnover up the two arms of the lake.

  Lake Aeration

  Lake aeration is a mature technology with many years of use and experience in thousands of lakes.  Although various systems are available, the most effective systems bubble air up from the bottom, creating circulating currents that effectively turn over and oxygenate the entire water column.  By moving the lower-oxygen water up from the bottom and eliminating thermal stratification, oxygen levels throughout the water column are increased. Wide swings in oxygen are stabilized, preventing fish kills. These systems also improve sport fisheries by allowing fish to expand their territory into formerly oxygen-deprived portions of the lake.


Vertex® bottom aeration systems provide a beneficial and cost effective method of improving both the water quality of your lake and its overall health. The Vertex aeration system consists of a small shore mounted air compressor (1/3hp - 1hp), feeding a configuration of self-cleaning flexible membrane diffusers. Positioned on the lake's bottom, each diffuser station produces millions of small 500-1000 micron sized bubbles, creating a slow moving current that entrains the entire water column providing aeration through surface contact.  Designed to be both efficient and cost effective for our customers, Vertex aeration systems can aerate up to an 18 acre lake with as little as 2/3hp. These systems have very low monthly operation costs, low maintenance (self-cleaning diffusers), and no potentially dangerous electricity in the water.

A Typical Testimonial:

 “After years of murky water, seasonal fish kills and midge fly swarms the homeowner’s association raised money to purchase and install a Vertex XL aeration system. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Not only have the fish kills ended but also the fish are more active and noticeable, wading birds and even pelicans visit the lake and the water clarity is significantly clearer. Where midge fly swarms were once a neighborhood annoyance their populations are now under control and the riparian homeowners can enjoy their backyards again.

I have received many positive comments from Winston Park residents and I recommend Vertex aeration systems to my other property management clients."

Bruce Cramb, Campbell Property Management
Deerfield Beach , Florida

 South Fork Homeowners Association
Our Satellite Measurement of this Lake is 14.2 Acres

Lakebed Aeration System by Vertex Water Features, Pompano Beach , FL


$ 3,417

Maximum Depth:  35 Feet

Two 1/3 HP 115V Dual WOB-L Piston Compressors Four AirStation XL™ Diffuser Assemblies
One Vandal-Resistant Large QuietAir™ Aluminum Cabinet
One Class A GFCI Breaker

One 4-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief
Intake Muffler/Filter Assemblies
Two 290 CFM Cooling Fan
One HDPE Mounting Pad
One Pressure Gauge

Air4-XL System                                                   $ 3,417
*1500' (Three 500' Spools) BottomLine Tubing @ $575           1,725
Shipping & Handling (Estimate TBD B4 order)                         515
    Subtotal                                                        $ 5,657
Mo Tax                                                                  437
            TOTAL                                                 $ 6,094

Optional Installation       $ 535


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