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    I visited and found moderate level of algae grown totally covering the pond along with a consistent growth of duckweed...the pond being in a very close encounter with an anoxic condition that will likely kill all the fish if we don't get moving on it.

    Plan of Attack:

Have the favorite electrician do "Dig Rite" and run at least a 20 amp, 115V circuit to the pond with all the right and proper terminations for our 1/3 HP unit.  However I would suggest running a 60 amp circuit so that it can be used for other things in the future such as a 1 HP surface fountain for decoration.  Also we need a gravel/preformed concrete pad there.  The ditch can go right on into the pond so that the aeration tubes can be buried out of the way.  I'll work with the electrician on this if he likes.

Install the Aeration System described below.

Immediately after aeration is up and running, add the herbicide to kill the algae and duckweed--dead.

After the algae and duckweed have died out and settled from the surface, add 2 quarts of Alpine Concentrated Blue Lake Dye.  If it looks a little thin in a couple of days, add another quart.  [The idea is to stop the penetration of ultra-violet light from the sun penetrating to the bottom in the reasonable shallow areas of 3 to 5 feet depth.

Two weeks after adding the dye, add 4 pounds of AquaTron and 4 pounds of Waste & Sludge Reducer--best done by scattering, but can be done by simply throwing the 1/2-pound water-soluble-packets out near each of the diffusers.  Then about every 3 to 5 weeks, add one packet of each near each diffuser.  This should run you out of the microbes about a month before the end of the growing season.

Next year we need to repeat the microbes and maintain the blue.

Winter aeration will do this pond a lot of good, but it can be reduced to a few hours per day by using the programmable clock.

Equipment and Microbes:

 KR-4DP-B QuietLine Aeration System: Quite Line™
    Aeration System for ponds and lakes up to 5 Acres in size.  Delivers
    4.5 CFM with up to 30 PSI while using only 5.3 amps of power .
    Each System will come with 3 DuraPlate™ maintenance free 
    non-clogging diffusers. 120V.                                                                         $ 2,650 (Includes 400' Alpine 1/2" ID Self-Weighted Tubing)
Credit for 50 feet of tubing                                                                                         - 63
One (1) Ten-pound Pail AquaTron Water-soluble-packets                            189
One (1) Ten-pound Pail Waste & Sludge Remover                                           235
Half-Case of Alpine Blue Lake Dye (6 Quarts)                                                   175
Shipping                                                                                                                            250
Installation                                                                                                                       207
    Subtotal                                                                                                                  $ 3,643
MO Sale Tax                                                                                                                   281
    Total                                                                                                                        $ 3,924


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