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(Dave Bujnak)

This is my preferred method because of the higher quality diffusers that will last at least 20 years with very little maintenance, and they are not susceptible to fish hooks.  This system however, has individual motors for each diffuser and will use twice as much electricity as the Vertex shown farther on down the page.
(without diffusers)                                    $ 2,555
900' Alpine Self-weighted tubing                                1,125
1100' 3/4" Black Underground PVC                                363
Two (2) 12" X 12" X 2" Microporous Ceramic                      700
Shipping & Handling (Estimated)                                    360
    Subtotal                                                    $ 5,103    $797/Acre (a little high)
Mo Tax                                                              394
    TOTAL EQUIPMENT                                       $ 5,497
Trenching @ $1.00/ft                                              525
Installation of underground and underwater tubing & Cabinet     416
    GRAND TOTAL INSTALLED                               $ 6,438

- - - - - - - - -

VERTEX AIR2-XL                                              $ 2,142
900' BottomLine Tubing                                          1,035

- - - - - - - - - -
Windmill Options

It would take two windmills to perform as good as either one of the above options, but one would keep you from having a fish kill in extreme conditions and would keep some dissolved oxygen at the bottom since this lake does not have a preconceived oxygen demand from muck in the bottom.  The actual turnover rate can't properly be calculated because the dead-air times are what really counts.

See OWS Most Popular I will add $ 600 labor + Ready Mix for installation, $120 Shipping, and sales tax to which every you choose.  Remember to also include the additional underwater tubing necessary.  I prefer not using the windmill manufacturer's ceramic diffuser because I don't like their performance compared with a 9" membrane diffuser.  In this case I would recommend using two Keeton DuraPlate diffusers and place the windmill on the middle of the dam or at that indent on the northeast shore.  I think by the time you get done with all that, you'll choose one of the electric scenarios.

On the other hand...instead of doing nothing...use the 20' windmill and one Vertex Dual Diffuser smack dab in the middle of the dam and at the deepest spot in the lake.  (This will be the most economical of all.)  I will work that out for you right here:

Outdoor Water Solutions 20`Windmill Aeration System
Price:$1,395.00 US
Outdoor Water Solutions 20` Windmill Aeration System 20 FT Tower Windmill Aeration System includes Air Stone Diffuser and Foot Valve and 100 Ft of 1/2" regular air line. The 20 FT tower produces 20 % more wind at the elevated height compared to the lower height windmills.  The blade face on all the units are 65" in diameter. Customer feedback is that the 20 Ft tower looks most proportionate in comparison to the Fan Blades.

Windmill                                            $ 1,395 (Do it yourself as advertised) $ 1,395
Vertex Co-active diffuser                              158
200' BottomLine Tubing                                230
Shipping                                                 180                                120
    Subtotal                                        $ 1,963                            $ 1,515
Mo Tax                                                  152                                 117
    TOTAL                                          $ 2,115                            $ 1,632
Assembly and Installation                               600
    GRAND TOTAL                                 $ 2,715

Vertex Diffuser


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