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Gary & Sheryl Buck
1.6-Acre Pond in Woods
With Duckweed

I'll keep the information available on this page that I already had on the wrong pond.  You'll find it below the --- line.  Oh, by the way...click on the links below for a pretty good explanation of our process.

    Since I know you are wanting to keep this conservative, I'll stay with the same machine that is shown below but without the option of going only with a single diffuser location.  1.6 acres of shallow pond is too much surface acreage to do the job from only one diffuser location.  I'll have to add another 100' to make it work unless there is a handier place to locate the compressor cabinet or a manifold more central to the pond.  For now we'll do it this way.

AIR1Ô Plus                                    $ 1,380
300' BottomLine Tubing                    345
Shipping                                              100
    Subtotal                                     $ 1,825
        Mo Tax                                  
            TOTAL                                $ 1,956.76

Since I've learned that you are a Disabled Veteran of the Vietnam War, I'll be happy to install your system at no charge. 

Here's the pond I worked on mistakenly.

   When you called and said duckweed, I immediately saw a pond in the woods, so I am taking the liberty of assuming this is the pond at the end of the road you are talking about.  It needs the following at minimum and would do better with a bigger system.  What I am showing here is the most economic system available and an optional souped-up version of it with two outlets and dual diffusers. 

Here are some new graphics I just discovered on our Vertex website.  This is what an XL aerator looks like and what it does: http://www.vertexwaterfeatures.com/aeration_system_XL3d.php

This is what happens to your pond with the system running:  http://www.vertexwaterfeatures.com/aeration_system_flash.php

Hope they worked for you:


$ 1,178

Maximum Depth:  35 Feet

One 1/3 HP 115 V Single Piston Compressor
with (1) self-cleaning CoActive AirStation™
One- Class A GFCI Breaker

One- Muffler/Filter Assembly
One- 140 CFM Cooling Fan
One- Pressure Gauge

AIR1Ô Plus

$ 1,380

Maximum Depth:  35 Feet

Same as above except with 2 CoActive Air Stations


With the Air1 System you will need a 100' coil of BottomLine Tubing.  With the AIR1 Plus, you'll need two coils of it.
BottomLine Tubing is $115/100' roll

AIR1Ô                                             $ 1,178
100' BottomLine Tubing                     115
Shipping                                                 60
Subtotal                                          $  1,353
    Mo Tax                                                 97.75
        TOTAL                                    $ 1,450.75


AIR1Ô Plus                                    $ 1,380
200' BottomLine Tubing                    230
Shipping                                                80
    Subtotal                                      $ 1,690
        Mo Tax                                          122.52
            TOTAL                                $ 1,812.52

You will be able to install this on your own with no trouble.  I charge $30 per diffuser and 25 Cents per foot of tubing.

It will take a year or more to totally eliminate the duckweed, but in the meantime you can use a little bit of Diuron on it only after you have the aeration system in place.  I do not recommend using the herbicide, but if you must the decision is yours.  It is available at your local farm store.  Be very careful with it.

Terms:  Prepaid, direct ship. Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.  I'll be happy to pay you a visit when you get the equipment.

Thanks, Dan Spalding


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