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Robert H. Clark
Lebanon, Missouri
Two 1/3-Acre Ponds

VERTEX AIR-1 Aeration System
AIR1 PLUS™ $ 1,380 Maximum Depth: 35 Feet
One 1/3 HP 115 V Single Piston Compressor with (1) self-cleaning CoActive AirStation™ One- Class A GFCI Breaker One- Muffler/Filter Assembly One- 140 CFM Cooling Fan One- Pressure Gauge

AIR-1 PLUS                                                   $ 1,471
One (1) 100 Ft. Roll BottomLine Tubing                 115
Shipping & Handling Estimate                              115
    Subtotal  (Prepaid shipped direct)            $ 1,590
Mo. Sales Tax                                                     115
                TOTAL Prepaid Shipped Direct        1,705 

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION....Gooneybird thinks you might be happier with this:

KR-2DP Quiet Line™ Lake Bed Aeration System
Quite Line™ Aeration System for ponds and lakes up to 3 Acres in size.  One 1/3 HP Rocking Piston Dual Compressor delivers 4.5 CFM at up to 30 psi pressure while using only 5.3 amps of power .  Each System will come with 2 Duraplate™ maintenance free non clogging diffusers. 120V.
KR-2DP:      $1,745.00 + S&H

KR-2DP-B   $1,975.00 + S&H (Includes 200' Alpine 1/2" ID Self-Weighted Tubing)

KR-2DP-B QuietLine System                        $ 1,975      Comparable Vertex AIR2 w/tubing $ 2,108
Shipping & Handling                                      115
    Subtotal                                         $  2,090
Mo Tax                                                    161
     TOTAL (Prepaid shipped direct)               $  2,251
                    My thoughts on why you might like it better are:

This compressor has two pumps (one on each end of the motor) delivering twice the air (SAME as Vertex AIR2)
It includes 200 feet of weighted tubing.  The other is priced with only 100',  which if you added 100' to it, the cost difference would be less.  I'm just not real sure of the measurements of the ponds, so the 50' in each pond might be cutting it a little short.
There will be one fully assembled diffuser in each pond.  The Vertex has dual diffusers (needing ballast added) for a total of four diffusers, and they might be a little harder to keep adjusted since the machine is only delivering 2.2 CFM of air.  The Keeton KR2 system or the Vertex AIR2 will deliver 4.4 CFM.


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