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Randy Craig--Five Water-bodies. 

I'll explain as soon as I can get back to it, but this view shows one location for a central system.  it will have two compressors to the 7-Acre lake, one compressor going east and north to the smaller three ponds.  Then one compressor running a 1" PVC to the south end of the Ell-shaped pond--to a self-weighted 5/8" tube to the corner where there will be a 4-valved manifold to four DuraPlate diffusers.
    Each pond and lake will have it's share of C-Flo and C&C Concentrated enzymes.  There's a lot of trenching to do, but only one electric location.
    A quick assessment is:

COMPRESSOR #1 to the Ell-Shaped Pond North
1050' 3/4" PVC to the south end of Ell Pond [TRENCH REQUIRED]                    $ Purchased Locally and installed
400' 5/8" Self-weighted tube from south end of Ell to North Corner Manifold   $        600  (Manifold taken from QR-16
Four DuraPlate Diffusers in Ell-Shaped Pond                                                               $         640
1000' BottomLine™ Tubing for Ell-Shaped Pond                                                         $     1,250

COMPRESSOR #2 to the Half-acre Round Pond Northwest
Three Flow valves mounted in cabinet to control air to the three small ponds    $  Add this to the bottom line until quoted from factory
380' 1/2" PVC Northwesterly to 1/2-Acre Pond [SHARE TRENCH]                      $ Purchased Locally and installed
100' BottomLine™ Tubing in the 1/2-Acre Round Pond                                            $         125
One (1) DuraPlate Diffuser for Half-Acre Round Pond                                               $          160
350' 1/2" PVC buried from Central Unit to Small Pond North [Trench Req'd]    $ Purchased Locally and installed
100' BottomLine™ Tubing in the Small Triangular  North Pond                            $         125
One (1) DuraPlate Diffuser for the Small Triangular North Pond                           $         160
400' BottomLine Tubing to cross lake going to East 3/4-Acre Pond                                   500
830' 1/2" PVC to East 3/4-Acre Pond   [TRENCH REQUIRED]                               $ Purchased Locally and installed
' BottomLine™ Tubing in the 3/4-Acre Rectangular Pond EAST                     $         125
One (1) DuraPlate diffuser for 3/4-Acre Rectangular Pond EAST                           $         160

COMPRESSOR #s 3 and 4 7-Acre Main Lake
GooneyWater™ QuietLine™ QR-16 Lakebed Aeration System Base Unit                $  4,855
Four (4) 8" x 8" x 2.5" Microporous Ceramic Diffusers                                                         1,080
2400' BottomLine™ Tubing in the 7-Acre Main Lake                                                          3,600

My standard rate for installation to your ready electric station is 25 Cents/Ft of Self-weighted Tubing and $30 per diffuser.  Being an electrician yourself, I would imagine you can determine best if you would do it this way or separate the compressors with more electric locations.  Or you might decide that one or more of the little ponds aren't worth saving and will be filled in instead.....Blabber blabber blabber.


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