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  Greg Croll, Duckweed and Cow Manure Infiltrated Pond
This measurement from Cares Mo Edu is 1.24 Acres--much more than Google Earth for some reason I can't explain.  So, maybe it wont be quite so ridiculous to double up or triple up the aeration system.  I sure would like to know how much muck is in the bottom of the pond now.  When we started, it was six feet deep.  If it is still six feet deep, then it was a total failure and would prove that no dissolved oxygen was EVER getting to the bottom.  If it is mostly gone, then maybe all we need to do is refurbish the system we have.  I would like to change the diffusers to ceramic for sure.  The existing single-motor system has a dual piston compressor with 4.4 CFM capacity.  It is very possible that the EPDM diaphragms have been compromised by blowing out on one side of any one of them.  That happened before and I fixed it, but nothing says that it hasn't happened again.
    The fact that Duckweed was the most significant problem when we started, and the fact that there is no chance of wind blowing from one side of the pond to the other, this pond needs almost a violent amount of water movement to drift the duckweed to the shoreline where it would be if the wind could blow.
    If there is a great deal of the muck left, I would like to declare war on it by changing the existing diffusers to 8" x 8" x 2.5" Ceramic Microporous Diffusers ($270 each + S&H).  Then add a DR QuietLine Base Unit (I think it might need to be outside the building) and use two 12" x 12" x 2.5" CMD.  I'll have to get in touch with the electrician and find out where the unit needs to be to get the right amount of juice to it as well as plumbing to the pond.
    Then we need to charge it with enzymes and bacteria AGAIN.
    When October 15th gets here, start charging it with POLARTRON, which is an Artic Circle bacteria that thrives in really cold water.

Instead of adding to the system and having two, buy a triple-unit, discard the existing EPDM diffusers and use a 12" x 12" x 2" Ceramic Microporous Diffuser on each motor.  This will treat the small body of water more like a lagoon, which is what it looked like when we started.  See photos below from 2004.  (There can be some salvage value of the old cabinet, but the compressor is probably 2/3 or more used up and definitely needs a restoration kit now.  The motor might be gone completely. and the exhaust blower could be half used up.)

TR QuietLine Lakebed Aeration System Base Unit                                  $   3,525
Three (3) 12" x 12" x 2" Ceramic Microporous Diffusers                              1,155
200' Additional 1/2" Self-weighted tubing                                                         250 

*Un install and Install New Unit                                                                           215
Mileage    31 x 2 x $1                                                                                                    62
                                                                     Subtotal Aeration                        $     5,207+** 
**Plus Shipping, Local Fees, Taxes, Required Insurance/bonding and/or any unforeseen admin fees or other requirements.

Photo below was September 4, 2006  (It's probably been circa 2007 when I was last there.  At that time, the pond looked pretty good...much better than this.)  The 12" ceramic diffusers will be much more aggressive because of concentrating the entire cloud of bubbles to the smaller area and the full 4.4 CFM of air will be going to each diffuser.  I'm guessing we'll be turning about 15,000 Gallons of water per minute or the entire pond in a matter of about 5 or 6 hours.  That should keep dissolved oxygen all the way to the bottom and keep our seeded bacteria and enzymes healthy and proliferating regardless of the influent that might be coming from the cattle above the pond.


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