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Will Chamberlin et al
Montrose PA

Keeton Solaer Lakebed Aeration Systems

SB-2 < 2 acres; 2 diffuser system w/ (1) 180W solar panel and battery backup system; 24V $6,595

SB-2 Keeton SOLAER™ Lakebed Aeration System, 2-Diffusers System; (1 180 W Solar Panel W/Panel Mounting Bracket (Requires 3" Schedule 40 Steel Mast, Customer Provided), Battery Backup, Natural Color No-Maintenance Cabinet. (Contains Battery, Timer, Manifold, Pressure Gauge, and Solar Charge Controller); Includes Maintenance and Installation Manual, and Fittings Package.  The SOLAER™ Lakebed Aeration Systems from Keeton Industries are protected by United States Patent No. 6,676837.  All Rights Reserved.  (TM) SOLAER is a Trademark of Keeton Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.

(Photos are not exact.  The solar panel is a single 180 Watt unit.) (There may be other dissimilarities since the configuration of these units were changed in late 2009.)

SB-2 System as stated above                                                                                                                               $ 6,595
Three (3) 100'-Coils Self-weighted Tubing                                                                                                           375
One (1) AQUA25WSP Bucket of 1/2# Water-Soluble-Packets AquaTron® Beneficial
    Microbes; 25-LB Container, 50 Water-Soluble Packets (8 oz each); Rapidly
    consumes excess nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus. Aquatron is a
    registered trademark of Keeton Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.                                                   450
One (1) W&S25WSP WASTE & SLUDGE REDUCER™, Beneficial Microbes; 25-LB
    container, 50 Water-soluble packets (8 Oz each); Rapidly consumes organics, animal
    waste and sludge.  Waste & Sludge Reducer is a trademark of Keeton Industries, Inc
    and is registered internationally.  All rights reserved.                                                                                 565
One (1) 4 Gallon-case PolarTron™ Cold-water Aerobic Bacteria   
(Start using Mid Oct)                         320
One (1) PAD-MED 30 x 30 x 4 Equipment Pad for SB 1-2 And DR Series Aeration Systems              78
One (1) 12-Quart Case Alpine Blue Lake Dye
(This will be in lieu of the Aqua Shade and much prettier)     300
Shipping & Handling 
[Tentative Plan is to Drop Ship to Customer Location using Lift Gate]            485
    Total                                                                                                                                                                         $ 9,168

Under separate agreement, I can (With your assistance) install the system, charging $ 30/Diffuser, 25 Cents/Ft  of Tubing and $1 per mile each way.  
    Std Charge     $    135 
(With your help--deduct 50%)
    Mileage              2,024
        Total            $  2,159        You will be able to do this very adequately on your own... with an assistant.

The microbes are for continuing use...even through next year.  I recommend getting started on this as soon as possible and plan on using the PolarTron (Cold Water) microbes through this winter.


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