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Ron & Mary Grau
1/2-Acre Pond 12-15 Max Depth
Mesotrophic Condition, Surrounded by Trees
Duckweed, Cattails and Poor Quality Fish
Full Ecology Restoration Needed

Red Line north to south is 300' Long.  This looks like your outdoor electric to the pond.
Neighbors pond to the south is maybe a little more than 1/2 acre but south end of it in the photo isn't part of the pond.
    For this project you'll need Ken & David to trench in a 300' vinyl 3/4" air line (standard water line) with the proper fittings on each end to be compatible with the Keeton 1/2" Self-weighted tubing or the Vertex 1/2" (PVC) BottomLine Tubing at the pond or within 100' of the center of the pond.
    We'll let you decide which system to use based on our conversation.  I think you will be more than happy with either one...even the single disc Keeton DuraPlate diffuser will be adequate for the turnover rate needed in this size pond, so we'll try to buy all the components from the same source so as not to duplicate shipping charges.

Option 1, KEETON

Quite Line™ Aeration System for small ponds and lakes up to 1.5 Acres in size.  One 1/3 HP Rocking Piston Single Compressor delivers 2.4 CFM at up to 40 PSI.. This high pressure model can aerate ponds and lakes up to 50 feet deep with no problems. Each System will come with 1 Duraplate™ maintenance free non- clogging diffuser. 120V.

KR-1DP-B (Incl. 100' Alpine 1/2" ID Self-Weighted Tubing)    $  1,735
Shipping & Handling is estimated at            185
    Subtotal     $  1,920
        Mo Tax            139
Installation in pond and to your electrical outlet              55
                    TOTAL    $  2,114

Option 2, VERTEX

AIR 1 Ground Mount Compressor System One 1/3 HP 115 V Single Piston Compressor with (1) self-cleaning CoActive AirStation™, One- Class A GFCI Breaker, One- Muffler/Filter Assembly, One- 140 CFM Cooling Fan, One- Pressure Gauge.

AIR 1 Ground Mount System      $ 1,178
One Hundred Foot Roll 1/2" BottomLine Tubing            115
Estimated Shipping & Handling            110
      Subtotal     $ 1,403
Installation in pond and to your electrical outlet              55
                                    TOTAL     $ 1,453

   With either system, we encourage the use of Clean-Flo's C&C Concentrated Enzymes and C-Flo Living Organisms to finish establishing the new ecology.  These "Bugs" will devour the muck in the bottom much faster than letting Mother Nature establish the right kind of bacteria over a longer period of time.  If necessary we will use an herbicide to kill off the aquatic weeds and algae before applying these bugs.  They will be added to the pond about two or three weeks after aeration and any possible herbicide application.

One Gallon Clean & Clear Concentrated Enzymes          $   85
One Pound C-Flo Living Organisms               35
        Subtotal     $ 120.00
                Mo Tax             8.67
                        TOTAL    $ 128.67


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