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4.4-Acre Lake in the Woods

Vertex Water Features AIR-4XL Aeration System

AIR4-XL™ $ 3,275 Maximum Depth:  35 Feet

Two 1/3 HP 115V Dual WOB-L Piston Compressors Four AirStation XL™ Diffuser Assemblies
One Vandal-Resistant Large QuietAir™ Aluminum Cabinet
One Class A GFCI Breaker

One 4-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief
Intake Muffler/Filter Assemblies
Two 290 CFM Cooling Fan
One HDPE Mounting Pad
One Pressure Gauge

Aeration System                                                        $ 3,275
800 Feet BottomLine Tubing                                             920
Shipping & Handling          estimate                                   375
    Subtotal                                                                $ 4,570
    MO Sales Tax                                                              336
        Installation                                                              320
                TOTAL installed to your electric service     $ 5,226


Compare the cost of Solar Power
Probably not an option compared to getting electricity back there.

SB4 Solaer® Lake Bed Aeration System


The SB4  Solear® Lake Bed Aeration System is the ultimate patented solar aeration system from Keeton Industries. Designed for larger pond and lake applications up to 5 Surface Acres in Size. The SB4 package system includes, 3-120 watt solar panels, 2-828 high volume 24 VDC brushless commercial compressors, wiring harness, 30 amp charge control center, 4-valve adjustable manifold, 4-9 in. DuraPlate™ non-clogging maintenance free diffusers, large recycled plastic cabinet with sound reduction package, 2-225 amp hour deep cycle solar batteries, fittings package, 12/24 volt smart box converter, 1600 ft. of 1/2 in. polypipe and 4 in. Solar Panel mounting structure. Customer to furnish a single 4 in. schedule 40 steel pipe 8-10 feet length for mounting solar panels. Optional automatic solar tracking system available. Unit can prevent winter of summer kill. See ice off picture for winter operation. Each DuraPlate diffuser will keep water open and dissolved oxygen levels high to prevent winter and summer kill. Twenty hours run-time per day.  Optional automatic solar tracking system available.  You may order SB-4B, which includes 400 feet Alpine Self-Weighted Tubing instead of the 1600 feet of polypipe.  Additional Self-Weighted tubing, if necessary, is not included.
SB-4:     $ 11,450 S&H
Product weight 975 pounds

Solar Aeration System                                              $  11,450
400' More Tubing @ $1.45 =                                            580

Shipping & Handling          estimate                                  1,375
    Subtotal                                                                $ 13,405
    MO Sales Tax                                                               985
        Installation                                                               320
                TOTAL installed to your electric service     $ 14,710


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