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Take your pick Allen,

Left photo shows a Keeton Aquatics Small Pond Aerator.  The advantage of this is the price and it's ability to handle up to a 1/3 acre pond strictly for some oxygen exchange to help keep the fish alive.  It would make the surface aerator be about 60% more effective.  It would also keep some open water in the winter, we think.
SMALL POND AERATOR                    $425.00, Includes it's own self-weighted tubing
Shipping & Handling from Colorado           75.00
Mo Sales Tax                                  32.51
                    Total:                  $ 532.51

Right photo shows you selling the current surface aerator to some unsuspecting passer-through who likes to see the water splash.  Then install the Vertex AIR-1.  The advantage of this is the very rapid turnover of the water body that will raise the dissolved oxygen level tremendously.  The added oxygen on the bottom will sustain the life of aerobic bacteria that will rapidly digest the muck in the bottom of the pond and make it revert to a solid bottom over a period of two or three years we believe.  You will have much more room to raise the fish.  And you are going to need it because they are going to grow just as fast as you can feed them.  See Zinn's Catfish Pond for an example of how well the fish will do.

AIR-1 Aeration System                          $  950
100' Coil BottomLine Tubing                         145
  Subtotal Including S&H                       $ 1,095
        Missouri Sales Tax                       $   79.11
                Total                               $1,174.11

Optional but highly recommended for eliminating the muck.  We use:

Clean-Flo Clean & Clear Concentrated Enzymes        $  82.50 (1 Gallon)
C-Flo Living Organisms 1 pound                           35.00
        Shipping & Handling                               25.00
            Subtotal                                    $ 142.50
                Missouri Sales Tax                        10.30
                        Total                          $  159.80

The whole show added together is $1,333.91
    Just think about how much trouble that's going to save you.  I talked to Joe and he was saying you would have to seine the fish all out and do something with them.   Then you would drain the pond and dig it all out and cause a heck of a mess.  Then you would have to restock the pond.  Then you would still have a pond that is not going to stay healthy, just like the last time you did it.  Plus, on top of all that, think of the pocket change you'll get from that vagabond who buys your surface aerator.  You'll need it for the extra food those fish are going to eat, because they are really going to be hungry.

   Oh, by the way.  Gene Meyer at the Cannon Dam General Store told me this morning that the aerator scared all the muskrats out of his 6-acre lake and the all went to his other pond.  Now he's talking an aerator in it.

   Kindest regards Alan,

   Danny Spalding
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