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Ron Nelson
1.5-Acre Pond with Planktonic Algae
Sorry about having so many choices, but I thought you would appreciate the extra effort.

Proposal for review and possible changes

Let's move the windmill to the top of the hill nearby the source of electricity so that we can hook up a small diameter tubing (at least 3/8") in the ditch with the electric line to the pond near the dock.  That way you will get some advantage of the windmill and improve the appearance of the farm from the road at the same time.  I've shown it in the equipment layout photos, but I didn't count any self-weighted line with it.  You can either leave it like it is, weight it down, or replace it with SWT.

Next:  You have the option of the KR-2DP (Keeton Aquatics like I had in the truck) or the AIR2 from Vertex Water Features.  Here is the breakdown.

KR-2DP Quiet Line™ Lake Bed Aeration System
Quite Line™ Aeration System for ponds and lakes up to 3 Acres in size.  One 1/3 HP Rocking Piston Dual Compressor delivers 4.5 CFM at up to 30 psi pressure while using only 5.3 amps of power .  Each System will come with 2 Duraplate™ maintenance free non clogging diffusers. 120V.
KR-2DP-B   $1,975.00 + S&H (Includes 200' Alpine
1/2" ID Self-Weighted Tubing)
System                                          $ 1,975
100' More Self-weighted tubing                                                               110
Shipping Cost                                                                                               168
MO Tax                                                                                                           164
Labor for Installation                                                                                  135
    TOTAL                                                                                                  $  2,552  I think we ended up using the Vertex dual diffusers shown in 2nd pic.

AquaTron Microbes

AQUA10WSP: Aquatron, Water Soluble Packets,10# Bucket
    Aquatron is a natural blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria. Aquatron is effective in binding of water column phosphorus and nitrogen. Designed to improve production capacity and enhance water quality.
    Information on Aquatron is effective in phosphorus mitigation and general water quality improvement. Studies are available upon request. Aquatron has been proven world wide in lake and pond environments as well as aquaculture applications.
    Application rates are 3-6 # per surface acre - initial dose. Maintenance Dosage: 2 # per surface acre every two weeks throughout the seasonal growth period.  Each 10 lb. bucket contains 20 Water Soluble Packets.

Retail Price:  $189.00 + $16.00 S&H=$205  or $12.50/Packet
Product Weight:  12 Pounds

Gooneybird's advice.  Use this at the rate of one packet per week at each diffuser or divide the number of weeks left until the end of the growing season where the water gets below 60 degrees and use it all up.  Keep us informed as to the changes in the water condition.  Likely next spring you will not have to deal with it at all.


UPDATE March 19, 2013

Ron said he was going to have someone come in and excavate the upper end.  That's expensive.  I suggest moving the far AirStation toward the neck of the pond and start adding 35 Pounds of Waste & Sludge Reducer each year according to its dosage schedule.  Placing a heavy concentration of it in the neck where the tree leaves fall will be a significant help.

One hundred feet .58 BottomLine Tubing                                                      $    135  (One time cost)
One WSR25WSP 25# Bucket of Waste & Sludge Reducer                               565
One WSR10WSP 10# Bucket of Waste & Sludge Reducer                               235
    Shipping (Tubing)                                                                                                      40
    Shipping (Microbes)                                                                                                  75
Subtotal                                                                                                                    $  1,050
    Mo Tax                                                                                                                           86
        TOTAL                                                                                                              $  1,136


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