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Prepared for Williams Energy

Option 1 using the efficient line layout with Keeton TR-DP-Series Systems
            1.  2,000' Less Tubing
                2.  No plumbing from a central unit
                3.  Fewer ditches
                4.  Eliminates balancing air flow between lagoons
                5.  Leaves land between cells easy to mow
                6.  Redundancy in the event of a breakdown of a central compressor system
                7.  Extremely quiet
                8.  No Special Manifolds to Build or Maintain
                9.  Simple Installation
               10.  Overall equipment and installation cost is likely the most economical
               11.  Operational cost is also likely the most economical [est. 4 amps X 15 = 7.2 kw]
               12.  Almost no maintenance. [Annual filter washing only.]

            1.  Fastening cabinet legs to your preformed concrete pad, however very simple [preferred]
                2.  Wiring your 120V Receptacle at each location, very simple wiring

Equipment Costs: All prices are plus freight & handling.
   Three (3) TR-9DP Quiet Line™ Aerator: 13.5  CFM w/(3) 1/3 HP Rocking
        Piston Compressors and 9 Dura-Plate diffusers, 120V.
@ $4,695             $ 14,085
    Two (2) TR-12DP Quiet Line Aerator: 13.5 CFM w/(3) 1/3 HP Rocking
        Piston Compressors and 10 Dura-Plate Diffusers, 120V.
@$4,875               9,750
Eighteen (18) 500' Reels Self-Weighted 1/2" ID Feeder Tubing                10,350
    Shipping & Handling                                                                  2,500
            Subtotal                                                                   $ 36,685
        Colorado State Sales Tax @ 3%                                       
                TOTAL                                                                 $ 37,785.55
Terms:  Prepaid by check. Buyer is responsible for any and all other unforeseen taxes.

See: Inefficient Line Layout & Quote


Central Compressor Option using the efficient line layout with Customer Supplier 70 CFM Blower
                1.  Electric Wire Supply to one location only
            1.  Creates a need for five multi-port manifolds to each line-feeder location
                2.  Uses 9,000' Tubing, same as the TR-12 Quiet Line Systems
                3.  Creates requirement to monitor and adjust air flow between lagoons and between manifolds
                4.  There is NO Redundancy in the event of a breakdown of a central compressor system or any
                            of its subsequent assemblies or individual parts.
                5.  Extremely noisy
                6.  Added plumbing to manifolds which is much more complicated than meets the eye
                7.  Operational cost for 5 HP should be about 27.5 amps X 240V = 6.6 kw + 20% for motor and
                            line inefficiency factors.
                8.  Creates additional air transmission friction factor in supply lines, valves, elbows and tees
                9.  Typical bearing problems repeated over a period of years
               10.  Requires a fork-lift to install or move.
      Initial Cost differential to Keeton TR-Series Systems
                Subtract the cost of the five compressor systems                 $-23,835
                Add back the cost of the 47 diffusers                                 $ + 7,520
           Add cost of Five 12-Port Manifolds with 1" NPT ent.  $  1,700 Includes Shipping
                Add the cost of your open blower system                             $ + ?????
                Consider the extra labor and materials at your place            4 + ?????

My experience as a process engineer in a world-class diecasting company for 35 years and five years of wrestling these lake systems tells me that you will be money ahead and have many fewer headaches using OPTION 1 above.  When your maintenance crew and the big-boys with the white collars look at how smoothly it operates and looks, they will be impressed.

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