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11/17/07 8:00 PM Afterthought.  (I found you from a satellite.)
Looks like our "paper" design could be a little long on tubing, but probably not much in the overall design.  The north lagoon measurements would have been long and the south might be short.  What happened is I was using your graph paper drawing as the surface area of the lagoon when actually it was the outside dimensions of the dam around them.  Also there is a wide land area showing in the photo where I was not considering it to be more than about 10 feet at the top.
    Oh well, you should have a little extra tubing on hand, and most of it could be used in the smaller dual-celled lagoon.  What I recommend in the little lagoon is the KEETON TR-6 (ordered without diffusers).  It would have 3 compressors and 6 outlets.  Then we can look at some ceramic diffuser options.

   What is that pond-looking thing just to the ENE of the small lagoon?  If it is a pond, it also needs our help.


We heard about this on the 30th.

Explosion and fire damage natural gas field plant near Durango The Associated Press Article Last Updated: 11/28/2007 07:17:52 PM MST

DURANGO, Colo.—No injuries are reported following an explosion that damaged two cooling towers and a trailer that housed an office at a natural gas field plant southeast of Durango. The cause of the explosion at the Williams Production Company plant is under investigation.

Durango Fire & Rescue Authority spokesman Dave Abercrombie says the explosion was reported at about 3:30 a.m.

A fire resulting from the blast burned two private vehicles.

Calls were made to 33 telephones to evacuate people within a half mile of the plant.

Williams spokesman Jeff Pounds says the seven employees who were at the facility at the time are safe, and no natural gas supplies burned.

Pounds says it's unclear when the plant might reopen.

A Williams spokeswoman says there was no immediate estimate of damage.

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