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If this is not used as a sewerage lagoon, the three regular DuraPlate 9" diffusers and just one 4.4 CFM system will be adequate for this lake.  However, I suspicion that there is some water recovery going on here that has an oxygen demand remaining in it.  For now I will assume even if the lake is used to reclaim water from the winery process, the oxygen demand has basically been met and that this is an ordinary run-off lake.  The point I am trying to make is this:  1.  Ordinary run-off lake would need aeration to keep excessive algae from growing and would need to be turned over every one to three days with only a 1/3 HP system.   2.  We use at minimum 5 HP to maintain a low level of dissolved oxygen in swine lagoons handling 4,000 head of finishers.  For this example we will be using the smallest practical system for an ordinary lake.  We need to discuss this before we decide on the equipment and the possible use of microbes.
    Why is it that I see electric equipment always located at a corner?  It causes me to use more tubing than if it were located midways, but the cost of moving the electric service is probably more than the additional tubing.  If I'm wrong about where the customer would prefer the electricity, we simply change the design before the order.

KR-3DP: Quite Line™ Lake Bed Aeration System
Quite Line™ Aeration System for ponds and lakes up to 4 Acres in size.  Delivers 4.5 CFM with up to 30 PSI while using only 5.3 amps of power .  Each System will come with 3 Duraventuri™ maintenance free non clogging diffusers. 120V.
KR-3DP:      $2,235.00 + S&H

KR-3DP: QuietLine Aeration System                                                $   2,235
1000 Feet 1/2" Alpine Self-weighted Tubing or equivalent            1,250
Shipping Estimate (TBD B4 Order)                                                            350
    Total                                                                                                          $   3,835 

The small pond just west appears to need a KR 1DP with some bugs.

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