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Ponds & lakes need you in the winter!

Don't forget about the necessary maintenance for your pond or lake in the winter time. Do you have fish? Want less work in the spring? Continuing aeration and microbes throughout the cold season helps this and more. Gooneybird60@GMail.com

Most Effective in 52°F/11°C and Below
Improve Water Quality
Reduce Excess Nutrients
Create a Balanced Ecosystem
Clear Ponds “Nature’s Way”
Easy Application
Safe for Animals and Children

Gooneybird's LLC and Keeton Industries are excited to introduce a beneficial microbe meant to help your pond or lake in cold weather! All of the same great benefits of our best selling microbe, Aqua-Tron® and with a microbe that activates in 52° and BELOW! Aqua-Tron : Cold Water Formula will help you save weeks, even months of prep time in the spring, by maintaining the beauty of your pond and lake in the winter!  Clear cold ponds and lakes "Nature's Way"... Safe and Easy Application.

The newest addition to the Beneficial Microbe Family, Aqua-Tron Cold Water Formula, has been developed to provide you with same wonderful benefits of the original Aqua-Tron; clean, clear, beautiful water, except the microbes thrive in cold water. Keep your water healthy all year long and prevent the build up of excess nutrients during the cooler temperatures.

easy application:

Our beneficial microbes are available in two sizes, 10 and 25 pound buckets. Inside the buckets, the microbes are conveniently packaged in 1/2 pound, water-soluble bags, which makes their application very easy. An initial application rate of 3-6 pounds of beneficial microbes per surface acre is common for most water bodies. This must be followed up every other week with a maintenance application of 1-2 pounds per surface acre to maintain optimum conditions. 


pricing information: Includes S&H

.Item # .Quantity .Price
.ACW 10WSP [10 lbs. .$255
.ACW 25WSP [.25 lbs.  $595

Keeton Microbes

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