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Keeton Bugs for Koi & Aquaculture Farming

Patent Information
● The Water Quality Conditioner With An Attitude ● Keeton Industries, Inc. announces the Patent award by the United States Patent Office covering Lymnozyme®. ● Patent No US 6,878,373 B2 ● Lymnozyme® is the only patented probiotic , who’s formula is so unique and effective to be granted a patent for reducing pathogenic bacteria in Koi ponds and other aquatic environments. ● Lymnozyme is the product of choice for commercial aquaculture farms world wide. When disease prevention and mortality reduction is a necessity Lymnozyme is priority one. ● New improved formula requires no refrigeration. Product remains viable at room temperature for over 2 years. Saves money on shipping and refrigeration ● New formula is more effective and a second patent application has been filled covering the discovery. Lymnozyme has been tested against a number of pathogenic microbes that affect aquatic species. ● Lymnozyme® is a registered trade mark and patent of Keeton Industries, Inc. and may not be used to represent any product other than Lymnozyme

A Blend of Naturally Occurring Beneficial Microbes effective in improving water quality in culture conditions.
Water Conditioner-Aquaculture Management Product
*Do Not Freeze. Keep Refrigerated.
Lymnozyme® is a patented natural competitive excluder. Not a medication or chemo-therapeutic product, but is a naturally occurring probiotic, which can improve water quality in aquaculture systems. Lymnozyme® is a all natural microbial product designed to improve aquatic culture conditions. Oxygen demand may be temporarily elevated during the initial use.
Improves growth and feed conversion
• Improves survival rate of aquatic species.
• Reduces stress and disease susceptibility
• Reduces the need for expensive drugs
• Keep an eye on our web site for the results of ongoing field tests of this product.

Application Procedure:
1.) Apply one (1) quart (1 liter) Lymnozyme® liquid per 100,000 gallons (378,000 Liters) of system volume once every three (3) days for three (3) treatments.
2.) Apply one (1) quart (1 liter) Lymnozyme® liquid per 100,000 gallons (378,000 Liters) of system
volume once per week for two (2) weeks.

Maintenance Procedure:
1.) Apply1/2 quart ( 1 pint, 500 milliliters) Lymnozyme® per liquid per 100,000 gallons (378,000 Liters) of system volume once per week to maintain water quality conditions.

For metric conversion = 1 Surface Acre = 0.4047 hectares
1 Hectare = 2.471 acres
* Individual dosing may vary due to biological or site specific conditions.



Gooneybird's LLC - LymnoZyme Prices
8 OZ BOTTLE   $   15 EA. + $ 8 S&H    = $23
PINT BOTTLE   $   30 EA + $ 12 S&H   = $42
QUART BOTTLE   $   55 EA + $ 15 S&H   = $70
GALLON CONTAINER   $ 180 EA + $ 20 S&H = $200
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