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Pond & Lake Aeration Testimonials: Aquaculture, Catfish Pond, Superior Windmill Aerator, Vertex Water Features, Open Ice

This is just the beginning of a collection of ponds, lakes and lagoons served by Gooneybird's aeration equipment.  All customers are invited to submit "blogs" about their GooneyWater™ applications.

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  Schrader, Warsaw, Illinois


Gene & Joanne Zinn's
 .6-acre Catfish Pond
 New London, MO

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Cannon Dam General Store 6-Acre Lake Near Perry, MO

Click this link:  Cannon Dam General Store



Click this link. Scott and Gay Maddox Pond at Payson, Illinois 


Joe Caulfield's Pond, Montgomery City, MO (No photo available.)
Hi Dan,
    The pond still has a substantial amount of scum, but your system is working fine.  It seems to have a benefit in that it clears an area where it bubbles and allows the fountain to function without being choked off.
    I am pleased with your system and will be happy to give you a referral anytime you think it will help.  Feel free to call on me at any time.             Joe
[Notes & Data:  This 0.6-acre pond already had a 1/2 hp Turtle fountain that, on its own was not capable of destratifying the pond and locking up the nutrients that feed algae.  It is a kidney shaped pond that needed two diffuser locations for proper coverage.  We modified a Vertex Air 1XL by using a Superior Windmill manifold to feed two dual diffuser Vertex Co-Active air stations fed by 2 rolls of BottomLine Tubing.  The system was installed in the pond August 17, 2005.  This email was received only 2 weeks later on 8/31/05.]

Curt Wood's Pond, New London, MO 
[Notes & Data:  0.8-acre, long and narrow pond located in a deep gully out of the wind, totally infested with duckweed and algae .  We installed an AIR-1XL system and modified it by using two dual-diffuser Vertex Co-Active AirStations, a Superior Windmill dual diffuser manifold and 300' of Bottomline Tubing.  The system was installed April 20, 2005 and caused the pond to release a foul odor from the anaerobic bottom water.  About six weeks later, we visited the pond and found it to be in horrible condition, but without odor.  I talked with Curt and apologized for its condition.  I received this e-mail June 26, 2005.  Later in the fall we made a warranty call for a minor problem and found the pond looking very much better.  Curt plans to continue the Clean-Flo bacteria and enzymes treatment in 2006.]

UPDATE: November 2007:  I received a call from Curt telling me how happy he was with the pond.  He said it was beautiful and he is considering a fountain to add to that beauty.  However, he had a problem with one of the dual AirStations that had a blow-out.  I called Vertex and they immediately sent Curt a pair of diffuser inserts at no charge with no questions asked. 

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